Waste Less Workbook

Your guide to reducing waste and living more sustainably.

Hi! I'm Lottie


In 2018 I made a New Years resolution to reduce my waste, I thought it would be easy but in reality, I found it SO DIFFICULT! I felt overwhelmed, helpless and wasn't even sure where to start.

I read statistics like "there will be more fish than plastic in the sea by 2050," and understood the impact that humans were having on our environment but couldn't find simple, actionable information on how to do better, that's what led me to create this workbook. A simple step-by-step guide that would help people slash the amount of waste they were consuming and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

I believe that if we all make small changes together we can make a big difference.

What is it?

This workbook is an all-encompassing resource to help Australians reduce their waste and learn more about sustainability. It focusses on best practices when it comes to recycling, has zero waste recipes and includes a practical guide to reducing waste. Included in the workbook is access to our online assessment tool which helps identify areas for improvement in your home and offers suggestions on how to make sustainable changes.

Here's why I decided to create the Waste Less Workbook


What you'll get

  • A step-by-step guide to reducing waste in each room of your home.     
  • 7 online assessment tools for calculating the amount of waste in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry routine as well as a weekly progress report
  • 8 detailed explainers on topics like palm oil, microplastics and recycling
  • In-depth resources on composting, recycling and more
  • A-Z of tricky things to recycle in Australia
  • Access to our exclusive Waste Less Facebook community group

Your purchase is a once-off fee and not a subscription so you'll have the workbook for life!

Hear from our customers



I had no idea about the microplastic breakage in my washing machine and I think knowing that really changed my mindset not only about the settings on the loads of washing I do but also the types of clothes I am buying.


I found this Workbook highly useful, and although i am very aware of how i live in regards to waste it’s still nice to see ways to improve and how others do things.


I’m a beginner, is it suitable for me? 

The beauty of this guide is that you can go as fast or as slow as you’d like, you can be a pro or a beginner. The weigh-ins help us assess your level so we can give you personalised information. 

I don’t live in Australia, is it suitable for me? 

Although this guide can be used overseas we strongly recommend it only for Australian residents as recycling practices differ from country to county.   

Can I get a refund?   

Unfortunately, as this is a digital product it is deemed used when opened. Please contact us with any questions before purchasing as we will not provide a refund once purchased. If you do accidentally buy two (web crashes etc) we will happily refund you the accidental additional purchase, email us info@banish.com.au.   

Can I share this with a friend? 

No, your purchase is subject to one user and subject to Copyright Protection, 2013. We have worked extremely hard on this guide and appreciate your support. If you are looking to buy the guide for ten or more people please email us and we can work out a bulk discount for you.   

How do I download it?  

Once you have purchased this item you will receive an email that contains a unique link to download the file. You have 5 days to download the file. Click on the link and wait for the item to download. On your desktop your file should go to downloads, once downloaded you can save it in a secure location on your computer or hard drive. From here you can airdrop the file to your mobile device and save it to iBooks, or the equivalent on a non-apple device. If downloading straight to your phone, please wait for the link to download, then save to iBooks or the equivalent on non-apple devices

Are you ready?


Don't wait for tomorrow start today. Download the guide now and start leading a more sustainable lifestyle today.