Our Aim

It wasn't until Lottie Dalziel tried to drastically reduce her waste as part of her New Year's resolution in 2017 that she realised how hard it was not only to find environmentally-friendly products but also find credible information around waste. 

In 2014-15 Australia produced about 64 million tonnes of waste, which is equivalent to 2.7 tonnes of waste per capita*. As a country, we rank 5th highest in generating the most municipal waste in the world.

Banish was born in a bid to help Australian's reduce their waste with the right products and even better information.

Our aim at Banish is to give Australians all of the tools they need to reduce their waste and ecological footprint. Banish is a revolutionary marketplace that not only provides the best eco-friendly products in the industry, it offers consumers all of the support they need to reach their zero-waste goals.

1% of all revenue from Banish is donated to Take 3 For The SeaTake 3 encourages Australians to do their bit and put three pieces of rubbish in the bin every time they are by the sea or waterways. They also deliver education programs to inspire our global community to help create a cleaner planet for wildlife and future generations.

It's time to act now Australia - there's no time to waste.

Australian National Waste Report 2016