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"We want to inspire as many Australians as possible to reduce their ecological footprint"

We're excited to be able to offer sustainability sessions, consulting and workshops to corporates, community groups and organisations.

With a successful career in the media industry, founder of Banish and awarded sustainability expert, Lottie Dalziel uses her skills to communicate sustainable messaging with audiences from Banish's own, to small groups as well as the greater public.

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1. STEPS TO A PLASTIC FREE HOME. A staggering 1580kg of plastic enters our oceans every hour. In this talk, Lottie guides the audience through the problem with plastic including information about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Then suggests simple sustainable swaps that can be made in each room of the home.

Optional extra: A copy of the Waste Less Workbook e-book for each participant (at additional cost).

2. COMPOSTING FOR BEGINNERS. If an Australian household composted their scraps they’d reduce household waste by approximately 40%. Composting is making a comeback with more and more Aussies adopting the method to help our planet. This talk explains how composting works and how to find the right solution for your household.

3. FOOD WASTE: THE COSTLY PROBLEM. 1 in every 5 shopping bags ends up going to waste in the average Aussie household each year costing each home over $1,036. In this session Lottie shares handy tips and tricks for example shopping smarter, getting the most out of your pantry, extending the life of your veggies and freezing food without plastic.

4. THE SLOW FASHION MOVEMENT. Each year the average Australian buys 27kg of clothing and throws away a whopping 24kg of textiles! In this talk sustainability expert, Lottie Dalziel talks about how to make conscious fashion choices from the best fabrics to buy and how to support ethical businesses. She also explains where your clothing ends up and how to recycle it properly.

5. HOW TO REGROW VEGETABLES AT HOME. Are you relatively new to gardening? Looking to create a thriving home garden without the expensive price tag? In this demonstration, you'll learn how to grow your own fruit and vegetables from scraps. This is a fun activity for little and big kids!

6. BIN-GO: HOW TO RECYCLE BETTER. According to Planet Ark, 10-15% of kerbside recycling is put in the wrong bin. Most Australians want to do the right thing but don't know where to start. In this interactive session, the audience plays a game of "bin-go" to discover what can and can't be recycled.

7. SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES THAT WILL HELP SAME MONEY AND THE PLANET. When it comes to adopting sustainable business practices it can be hard to know where to start and what to do. Lottie can talk to an array of different businesses on how they can adopt sustainable practices to help their business make a bigger impact on their customers with less impact on the planet.

We can also tailor-make sessions to meet your needs or add and bundle the Wasteless Workbook.

Lottie is also available for:

  • Public speaking & hosting
  • Ambassadorships
  • Content creation
  • Media appearances 

"with each small step, we take together we all have the power to make big difference."

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