What makes a Banish brand?

We are so proud of the amazing and innovative products that we are able to bring to you at Banish but not everyone makes the grade.

Some eco-friendly sites and manufacturers claim their goods follow an eco philosophy but once you dig a little deeper this is not always the case. Yet, they are still promoted as being environmentally sound and desirable for those seeking to make an informed choice. We have had to refuse some incredible products because our terms could not be met but that's life. On the other hand, some suppliers have been able to make a change and we are thrilled to have them here for you.

It's very important to us that all our suppliers meet the following strict requirements that we believe as being synonymous with the Banish brand.

  1. Fair Trade
  2. Eco-Friendly
  3. Paraben Free
  4. Products are not tested on Animals
  5. Recyclable packaging materials ie no bubble wrap, plastic etc
  6. BPA-free

If a product appears on the Banish website you can be assured that the integrity of the supplier has been researched by our team and you can be confident of the quality and usability of each and every item.
We have a great relationship with our suppliers and share their enthusiasm in being able to inform and educate everyone to make good, economical and fun choices in our no waste journey.

No time to waste!
X Banish team