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Join one of Australia's leading sustainable marketplaces. We're always on the lookout for new brands who's mission and purpose is to help banish waste around Australia.

Together we will save the world...

We're providing a one-stop shop and education platform for our customers wanting to help our planet. 
Let’s face it. Customers are eager to learn but also want convenience. Banish provides Australians with both the educational and physical tools they need to reduce their waste. Customers want convenience, they want to purchase their favourite beeswax wraps and a reusable coffee cup in one simple swoop. They don’t want to go to two different online stores, go through two different checkout processes and pay two separate shipping costs. 
Our revolutionary marketplace connects the best sustainable products in Australia, with the customers that want them - forming a true collective.

Here’s why you’ll love being a Banish supplier…

Let’s face it running an eCommerce website and marketing your product is hard work. What if you could leverage off an existing business, have them take some of the heavy lifting off you and connect with a whole new audience? That is the magic of being a Banish supplier. 

1. Power in numbers

Banish speaks to thousands of Australians each day, being a part of our platform gives you access to our highly engaged audience. 

2. Banish’s press exposure is a win for you too

We offers consumers all of the support they need to reach their less-waste goals and that means spreading our message far and wide, from digital marketing to radio, podcasts and print.

Here are some of the publications we've been featured in

3. Scale your brand without the risk

We want to help like-minded Australian businesses grow, it's free to join and be listed on Banish, we take a commission once a sale has been completed. 

4. You're in good company

Banish only stocks the most innovative, ethical and high-quality sellers meaning that your brand is always surrounded by the best in the country.

But don’t take our word for it...

"Lottie and the Banish team are fantastic! Like Lunette, they are passionate about waste reduction and providing only the best high quality products to their customers. A pleasure to work with" - Carol Morris, Menstrual Mentor and Director, Lunette

“Knowing that I am promoting my products through an online store with such high integrity, credibility and professionalism, means I can trust that each product is represented honestly and that my customers will be 100% supported by Banish.” - Liz, Founder Lil’ Bit

"We love working alongside and being stocked on Banish because their ethos are aligned with ours and we're constantly inspired with what they're doing!" - Lee, Founder Little Wildling Co

How it works

1. Your products are listed on the Banish website

2. We start singing about your product from the rooftops!

3. A customer places an order through the Banish store

4. Banish lets you know that you've got a new order.

5. You send out the order directly to the customer.

6. You get paid!

Do you fit the bill?

Some eco-friendly sites and manufacturers claim their goods follow an eco philosophy but once you dig a little deeper this is not always the case. Yet, they are still promoted as being environmentally sound and desirable for those seeking to make an informed choice. We have had to refuse some incredible products because our terms could not be met but that's life. On the other hand, some suppliers have been able to make a change and we are thrilled to have them here for you.
It's very important to us that all our suppliers meet the following strict requirements that we believe as being synonymous with the Banish brand.

  1. All products must not contain any parabens, fragrances, palm-oil or any of the ingredients on this list
  2. Products are not tested on animals
  3. The business is Australian-owned
  4. All wood or bamboo products must be ethically sourced
  5. All products are shipped using recyclable packaging materials ie no bubble wrap, plastic satchels etc
  6. Follow good business standards: 
  • Sell only the highest quality of products
  • Have professional product photography and styled lifestyle images
  • 1-2 business day dispatch
  • Ready to expand and grow your business

Are you ready to become a Banish brand? Apply here.