Supplier Story: Get a Good Clean Minus the Plastic Dramas with Resparkle

Supplier Story: Get a Good Clean Minus the Plastic Dramas with Resparkle

By Berni Beyhaut

The plastic economy is one of the biggest pollutants on earth and the 2nd largest driver of climate change. It’s found in the air we breathe, the food we eat and is 99% derived from fossil fuels. Every part of the plastic lifecycle is harmful  – Pearl from Resparkle tough it was about time we cleared the air.

The Resparkle journey started in 2013 at a farmers market in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria after Pearl, founder and owner of Resparkle, discovered cleaning products were made of 90% water and the rest harsh chemicals, and questioned the need of transporting litres of water in so much plastic across the country when we are fortunate enough to have clean water from our taps.

The aim of Resparkle is to provide products with a low carbon footprint by significantly reducing plastic and transportation costs. Their products also address the issue of toxic chemicals in cleaning products by using ingredients that are found in nature instead. Ultimately, it is about better-for-you and better-for-the-planet products that are cost-effective and efficient.

What makes Resparkle different is that their products are zero-waste. Their refills come in 100% plastic-free sachets, and are home compostable. Their reusable bottles are made of glass and come with a silicone sleeve for protection and our formulas use the safest ingredients found in nature. They work just as well, if not better, than traditional chemical cleaners. Pearl explains how she uses EWG ratings as her yardstick in terms of toxicity and researches every ingredient to ensure they meet her stringent internal standards. 

Resparkle has set the ambitious goal to save 2 million pieces of plastic from being produced in the first place and going into landfills. In addition to that, they are going to plant a total of 300,000 trees in Australia’s fire-ravaged bushland to do their bit to restore it. 

As a business owner, and mum, Pear is passionate and 'truly believes there is power in the small, everyday choices". Resparkle's motto, "Choose Better”, was founded on this exact belief that we're all capable of making the planet a better place.


Shop our Resparkle range here and get a good clean minus the plastic dramas. 


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With a background in philosophy, creative communications and PR, Bern is passionate about living simply. 
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