Supplier Stories: We're wrapt with Cheryl from Wrappa

Supplier Stories: We're wrapt with Cheryl from Wrappa

By Sherron Dalziel

WRAPPA is the worlds first plant-based vegan-friendly reusable food wrap.

For Cheryl Sanders the founder of WRAPPA which launched in South Australia in 2016, it was her aim to see plastic wrap become a thing of the past that led to this amazing product.

Beeswax wraps have been on the market for some time but for Cheryl much trial and error was involved in researching and testing a plant product compatible with the plant-based Candelilla wax. This wax is derived from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub native to Northern Mexico. The plant is boiled which separates the wax from the surface of the leaves. Perseverance paid off and the perfect combination was created and Wrappa was born.'s profile picture 69 likes banish.auAre you a leftover lover? Reduce your waste and replace plastic wrap with beeswax paper! It's 100% natural, reusable, multi-purpose (wrap your fruit, cover your bowls or wrap up your sandwiches) we also have a vegan option made from plant-based wax. Get yours now in a funky pattern . . . . #zerowaste #waste #ecofriendly #london #consciousliving #ecolife #reuse #recycle #refuse #loveourplanet #planetfriendly #plastic #beeswaxpaper #beeswax #waronplastic #cleanourplanet #pickuprubbish #freshfruit #environment #savetheplanet #blueplanet #plasticcrisis ashpriest3Cute I love this idea 🐝 they are so handy! francesanneroberts@pencapchewstudios po__edge😎 APRIL 5 Add a comment… Instagram Instagram Search Search Find People Activity Feed Profile ABOUT USSUPPORTPRESSAPIJOBSPRIVACYTERMSDIRECTORYPROFILESHASHTAGSLANGUAGE © 2018 INSTAGRAM
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Teamed with fabulous bright and bold fabric designs, these funky wraps have huge appeal. Wrap your fruit and veg in the fridge, cover your block of cheese, salad bowls, and make the kids sandwiches the envy of all their friends at school.
It's the warmth of your hands that softens and moulds the wraps just enough to stick. To clean just wipe with a damp cloth.

WRAPPA was featured on TV recently but for Cheryl the real highlight she says, is simply what people say when they see the product. "Ohhhh here is WRAPPA..... My mum uses these and they are amazing!!!".

The 3 packs comprise a small, medium and large wrap and come in a range of fabulous designs - A great gift idea!

And we couldn't agree with Cheryl more... "For an increasingly Green world, the most exciting thing is that more and more people are realising that it is up to us to make the change."

We are so excited to have WRAPPA available at Banish. 


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