Supplier Stories: We're Buzzin' to introduce Liz from Lil' Bit

Supplier Stories: We're Buzzin' to introduce Liz from Lil' Bit

By Sherron Dalziel

Years of working in a thankless work environment took its toll and it was her personal search for a happy and more fulfilling life that saw Liz Harper launch her company Lil Bit in 2016.

Her personal criteria for her new business, whatever it was going to be. It had to fulfil the following:

  • Helped the Environment
  • Made a small difference
  • Make something with my own hands
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Educated others
  • Spread kindness
  • Do something that I love
  • Be Happy

It started when Liz and her husband decided to try their hand at beekeeping, "we were not expecting to fall in love with bees. Also unexpected - learning just how much impact these little creatures have on our food chain. And yet their global population is rapidly declining. A dwindling directly linked to the nasty chemicals most of us use daily." said Liz.

"Then it hit me, if everyone made a little bit of a change, the overall effect would be enormous. That's why I started Lil Bit."

Now equipped with more knowledge, this hobby became a passion and the protection of the bees a quest and now a business. A business that, through her products, would educate and offer alternatives. Asking us to dramatically alter our way of life just won't work but with small steps and tweaks, we can start on the road to change... Little by little. 

Lil Bit's eco-friendly products are simple alternatives for our everyday needs. Room sprays and disinfectants, dishwashing tablets, laundry soap nuts and insect sprays to name a few. But these alternatives, however, come with a conscience.

Room Spray
Every single product is handmade by Liz herself, from hand mixing the raw ingredients to bottling, labelling and posting. Each product is created in batches of ten using only Australia Certified Organic Ingredients and supplies.

"Each ingredient is of the highest quality and I also set out to educate my customers as to why these products cost what they do and how the ingredients differ from competitors."

When asked about her favourite creation to date there was no hesitation, the toilet cleaning tablets. These little fizzers mean no more nasty toxic chemicals being flushed into our waterways and they really work. The soap nuts too are a fabulous and super economical way to save money, get great results and no harm done and on average cost just 14c a load.

As we too are finding at Banish, this sense of community that develops with this common quest for change is incredibly powerful and rewarding. Feedback and encouragement from suppliers and customers and the shared delight over new knowledge and products is also what keeps us all keeping on.

And a final word from Liz, "knowledge is power and we are waking up!"

Check out other Lil Bit products on Banish, we're all abuzz!

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