Supplier Stories: Meet you at the bar

Supplier Stories: Meet you at the bar

By Sherron Dalziel

A world first in shampoo innovation - all the way from Penrith, NSW.

Clover fields is a name you may know as for the last 40 years the company has been making natural, unique and affordable body care products.

In 2018, the mother daughter team, Geneva and Elizabeth Valek launched Shampoo With A Purpose.

These are the first shampoo bars to be processed on a commercial machine. As Geneva explains, "it's a really difficult base to process which is why shampoo bars have had to be handmade. 

Our manufacturing process means that one single bar is worth up to 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner."

Yes, the bars are an all in one shampoo and conditioner combined.
And..... 2 months after the launch in August last year of the OG bar, (argan oil, Shea butter & Coconut and suitable for all hair types), the demand was huge.

So huge in fact that a full range was developed for varying hair needs - Volume, Dry or Damaged and Colour treated. Each with its own unique blend of oils and extracts, all natural ingredients and no chemical nasties.

Some shampoo bars make your hair feel limp and heavy but with these shampoo bars from Clover Fields, your hair will feel amazing and at a very affordable price. Not to mention how great you will feel knowing the plastic that you have saved from our environment. 

A great addition to holiday travel too with no large messy bottles to try and squeeze into your packing. 

The Shampoo With A Purpose packaging is cardboard and the company is hoping suitable compostable post packaging options will be available soon to continue their eco dream.

And to think - a world first in our own backyard! 
So step up to the Clover Fields Bar and do your bit for a more sustainable planet inhabited by people with incredible hair. 

A huge congratulations to Geneva and Elizabeth from us at Banish. 

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