Supplier Stories: Get Swagy with Pieta from The Swag

Supplier Stories: Get Swagy with Pieta from The Swag

By Sherron Dalziel

Imagine a world where no food is wasted and single-use plastic bags no longer exist.....

Well, that's what led Peita Pini, founder of Swag Australia set out on an adventure to create. Launched in 2016, The Swag is a 100% natural machine washable reusable way of storing fresh produce so it stays fresh, healthy and crisp for 2 weeks (on average).

Its multi-layered breathable design keeps fruit and veggies hydrated. You simply wet the bag, wring out the water until it's damp then place your produce inside. Your cut fruit and veg can go straight back in with no need for plastic wraps. 

"Very simply I was a frustrated consumer who was sick and tired of throwing out rotting fruit and veggies that had tired in just a few days". Peita explained, "when customers started Swagging and reaping the financial benefits (saving on average $1,400 a year), they also realised how easy it is and how good it feels to make a difference from an environmental perspective. Toxin-free, the Swag has zero impact on our planet and at the end of their lengthy life they can be dug into the earth where the worms and bacteria will break them down within months. 
When we throw out food we are helping to perpetuate a false sense of demand and aiding the increase in the cost of our fresh fruit and veg by repurchasing and replacing. Pieta disclosed the following frightening theory. 'Experts predict that in 20 to 30 years, fresh produce will be so expensive that only the elite will have access to it.'

As with many new products or businesses, social media was the launch pad and subsequently, 70% of sales have been generated by word of mouth. A recent appearance on Shark Tank has now given The Swag national exposure with one of the "Sharks" on board as an investor and offering invaluable expertise and experience.

Establishing the business whilst working full time and with two small children, to say Pieta was busy is an understatement. Her efforts were highlighted by The Swag being a finalist of the Top 200 Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow in 2017.

There's no stopping The Swag –  their goals are "to keep focussing on providing 100% natural and effective solutions that help with the reduction of food waste and toxic plastics in our world". A huge congratulations to Pieta, we can't wait for more great creations from The Swag

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