Supplier Stories: Meet Claire from Eco. Modern Essentials

Supplier Stories: Meet Claire from Eco. Modern Essentials

 By Sherron Dalziel

The world of essential oils can be a confusing one which is the very reason why Claire Mitchell at Gold Coast based Eco Modern Essentials, set about demystifying it for us. 

"I have always been very passionate about healthy, active, natural living so we create health and wellbeing products to help women's lead their best, healthiest most vibrant lives and feel great every day."

Launched in 2009 and specialising in Essential Oils, the aim of the business is to modernise and simplify aromatherapy. This has been achieved by categorising or shopping by purpose, taking some of the guesswork out of selecting a product right for you. Whatever you're aiming to target be it issues with skin, sleep, energy, illness or allergy, there is an oil for you.

Products at Eco are continually being created and evolving. A current favourite are the Magnesium Rollerballs. For all of you who love your exercise, these are the perfect pre and post gym hit. The Pre-Workout Magnesium Rollerball has muscle pain reduction properties whilst the Post Workout Rollerball combines a relaxing blend of magnesium and essential oils to help soothe tension and muscle tightness. No excuses now!

Aromatherapy has been at the forefront of natural healing for centuries, Eco Modern Essentials has made it easier and more accessible for us to now understand and reap the amazing and often life-changing benefits. 

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