Supplier Stories: Little Pepino giving Australians an extra helping hand

Supplier Stories: Little Pepino giving Australians an extra helping hand

Co-founders Lottie Dalziel and Afonso Firmo created Little Pepino because "living sustainably is hard when it doesn't have to be." They want to offer a sustainable solution to ever fast moving consumer good in Australia. "It sounds ambitious but we want to make a big difference and help consumers do the same," explains Lottie.

Afonso continues "we understand that in order to achieve our goal we have to embrace that no one is perfect when it comes to sustainability. We need to ensure that communication stays open after the purchase so we can provide our customers with truthful information and quality products when they decide to take the next step in their journey." 


Since launching in late 2020 Little Pepino has created an engaged audience on Instagram and Tik Tok through the creation of educational videos. 

When it comes to picking favourites, it's easier said than done, Afonso's top pick is the kitchen compost bin. "I think a barrier of entry to composting at home is how 'ugly' and messy the process can be. At the moment, everyone is putting their food scraps either in a Tupperware or old bin. I believe that our product could be a big factor in changing the way people look at composting and how it can be clean, fun, and beautiful."

Little Pepino Compost Bin

A big baker and a huge fan of as little waste or cleaning up as possible, Lottie's top pick is their Reusable Baking Mats. "Although I love all of our products equally the baking mats were the first item we brought out. They are so versatile, easy to use and can be used in every single household."

As a brand that isn't even six months old Little Pepino has seen a huge amount of growth. Their first range sold out in a couple of weeks and they are currently expanding into retail stores around Australia.

Little Pepino

For Afonso, a pipe dream is "that people would be taxed differently depending on how much their carbon footprint is. There are tax brackets for income so maybe there should be one for carbon footprint as well."

You can shop all Little Pepino products here.

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