Supplier Stories: Bridge the gap between natural and professional haircare with Rox Lox

Supplier Stories: Bridge the gap between natural and professional haircare with Rox Lox

By Berni Beyhaut

Ren Jeffery started Rox Lox as a long time hairdresser wanting to reduce her own use of plastic packaging and harsh synthetic ingredients for herself and her clients. "I wanted to stop adding to the problem in a very waste heavy industry".

The aim of Rox Lox is to prove that you can have eco-friendly hair and beauty products that are of professional salon standard. That eco and sustainable choices are for everyone and that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to be eco-conscious. Eventually the goal for Rox Lox is to have as many people as possible switch to more ethical haircare products and to create a huge shift away from plastic and toxins in the beauty industry.

Rox Lox's unique point of difference is that their haircare formulated by a hairdresser! Hence, tried and tested in salon on real clients, that expect nothing short from professional looking results.

Rox Lox products are targeting specific hair types and needs not just a one size fits all shampoo or conditioner like a lot of other natural haircare and shampoo bar brands.

"One of our major milestones has been having other hairdressers buying and loving the products as well as gaining their first salon stockist!" - Ren, Hairdresser and founder of Rox Lox. 

"My favourite product is Rox Drops silky serum. It’s such an all rounder and game changer! It can be used as a hair repair treatment oil, a scalp serum, an anti-frizz smoothing serum, a finishing shine styler AND a face and body oil. It contains rosemary essential oil which also helps stimulate hair growth and repair as well as smelling delicious."

Ren believes the most exciting thing happening in the green world is the movement away from plastics and synthetics where they are unnecessary. We can really start to see the shift in a lot of industries.

We love seeing new and upcoming small brands creating amazing sustainable products. We hope big companies and leading businesses start to follow suit by the pressure small businesses like Rox Lox are creating.

Shop the Rox Lox range here and bridge the gap between natural and professional haircare.  

About the author

With a background in philosophy, creative communications and PR, Bern is passionate about living simply. 


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