Supplier Stories: Be kind to your skin, your soul and the planet

Supplier Stories: Be kind to your skin, your soul and the planet

By Lottie Dalziel

Tracy Bradley worked as a hair and makeup artist for over 30 years, in this time she worked with some amazing client but what was glaringly obvious was the environmental impact. "Consumerism in the beauty industry is enormous, and I see every day the number of containers and tools used that are predominantly plastic." Tracy explains.


Her solution was obvious. "I combined everything I know about people, skin, natural oils, the environment, self-care, meditation and mindful ritual, into a product range that leaves your skin feeling healed, yourself feeling calm, connects you to your body and helps to start the mindful path of living." Introducing KIND by tmr.

A skincare range made with purpose, their body and face oils contain only 100% natural A grade oils that are packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that are naturally occurring, and mimic the natural healing that your skin is doing every day.

Tracy is the embodiment of the brand she has created, "when we connect with ourselves then we also learn how to care for our environment, we find better outcomes for ourselves and can connect with the world around us." 

Rejuviate Oil

Tracy's favourite product is the Rejuvenate Face Oil and it is easy to understand why. "Even the name came easily because that’s exactly what this oil does. It wakes you, calms you at the same time as your skin, and can be used under absolutely anything. It smells uplifting and I’ve been using it for some years now, before I ever launched the brand." 

In Tracy's words make sure you look after your skin, your soul and our planet. 

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