Supplier Stories: Amy Blew us away!

Supplier Stories: Amy Blew us away!

By Sherron Dalziel

Handkerchiefs don't immediately come to mind when we think of making better choices in our war on waste but all that "blowing" does result in a massive use of tissues and the associated packaging. Amy Conley, eco producer, maker and founder of Muddy Boots Maker, did see the need and now makes 100's of her hand-sewn 100% organic cotton handkerchiefs every month and hand knits countless cotton dishcloths.

Being as she said, "crafty" from an early age, this one time honour student in ceramics embraced farm and family life in rural Victoria with a harking back to the overwhelming desire to live a more simple life. Initially sewing clothes for her family as part of their low waste journey, Amy rediscovered the difficulties but also the incredible rewards of this quest for a slower more thoughtful approach to life and our environment, and her real passion became all the more apparent.

As Amy explained, "to assist others to lead a low impact, low waste life by using recyclable products in their everyday lives in a stylish and cheerful way".

And in 2017 Muddy Boots Maker came to be.

As founder, creator, sewer and knitter, Amy is the business. She loves every step along the way from design, fabric, thread and colour selection to the beautifully packaged products heading off on their no waste journey.


The colourful 100% cotton hand knitted dishcloths have a lifespan of 4 years. That's a lot of thrills, spills and dishes and into the washing machine. No more paper towels, non-recyclable cloths and other nasties.

The gorgeous 100% organic cotton Handkerchiefs come in a range of designs. A stylish addition to a not so stylish activity and are a great gift idea.
With all of Amy's products, it's a respectful but cheery goodbye as they join the earth as garden compost.

It's finding gems like Amy and learning their stories that make us truly appreciate this passion creativity and commitment to helping us to get it right.

Or Achooooooo! 

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