Supplier Stories: "Ahoy!....It’s Ploy!”

Supplier Stories: "Ahoy!....It’s Ploy!”

Author Sharron Dalziel

We all know that sinking feeling, that gentle “hiss” as that much loved inflatable pool toy or air mattress lets us down yet again. After all, they aren’t made to last.

Well actually they are because these PVC inflatables will well outlast us by 100s of years. They are a nightmare for our environment and are not suitable for any main stream recycling programs so it’s off to landfill they go.

But now for the good news and the person to thank is Carin van Grunsven from Barbara Queensland who, in 2020, launched Ploy Designs. A pool owner herself, it became evident to Carin just how short the lifespan is of these products and she came up with the idea for Ploy Designs. Your inflatable toys... your air mattresses, your umbrellas, your unwanted pvc the team at Ploy want them so they can create their innovative range of wet bags, tote bags; toiletry bags, document holders, laptop sleeves and more. 



Weatherproof on the outside and water resistant on the inside. Easy to wipe clean and in a range of sizes each product is handmade, unique and brilliantly designed transforming unwanted into very much in demand.

 “Our main point of difference”, said Carmen,”is that each bag we make is created as a unique one-off design, no mass production and sustainably made from 90% recycled materials.”

A huge step for Carin and the team has been diverting over 200kgs of pvc water from inflatables out of landfill and oceans and establishing collection bins in NSW, QLD and in the NT with the aim to have all the states in Australia involved.

A fun and quirky gift idea, you can check out the fabulous Ploy products here on Banish. 

Get in the swim with Ploy!

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