Supplier Stories: There’s nothing better for your body and beach than butter!

Supplier Stories: There’s nothing better for your body and beach than butter!

Author Sherron Dalziel

“The best looking skin is the healthiest skin!” 

Spending their days working in WAs beautiful Ningaloo Reef the companies founders were concerned as to how to protect themselves from damaging UV rays whilst also protecting the planet. Sasha Guggenheimer a marine biologist and Tom Hiney a conservation ecologist were determined they would not to add to the chemical sunscreen pollution and much research led them to this amazing product. 

Australian owned, and operating from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria since 2016, SunButter has created a range of skincare products for every one who cares for the health of themselves and our oceans. For the last 2 years, 100% of the companies profits have been distributed to conservation projects working to save species and our environment. A collaboration with Sea Shepherd has been a major highlight for the business.

The companies aim is one that would be great to see us all striving for as quoted here. “Putting sustainability, product quality and charitability first in a mission to protect people and the planet.”

Sunbutter is totally chemical free and they are the first sunscreen brand to package reef safe sunscreen in reusable recyclable tins. With an SPF50 rating and all natural ingredients, there are no chemicals to be absorbed into the skin or to be washed into and poison our oceans. 

Sascha’s top pick is the Tinted SPF50 sunscreen, great for every day wear with a subtle tint to wear with or without makeup. If wearing makeup, put your sunscreen on first then wait a few minutes to let it absorb before adding other foundations or powders. This product was recently announced as the Judges choice winner as Best Complexion Product in the Nourished Wellness Life Awards.

For Tom it’s the Vegan SPF50 surf zinc. Out in the water for hours on end, the zinc creates a thicker long lasting barrier where extended protection is necessary. And let’s  not forget the SunButter hair serum, face scrub, face oil and a surf wax that is petroleum free. Everything in the range supports the team’s “Healthy people, healthy planet” mantra.



“When asked about their goals for the future it is all to do with giving back.

“Where we can, we will use Sun Butter to help support climate activism and rewinding campaigns across the country.”

Butter Up!

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