Supplier Stories: What’s not in the box with Re-Plated!

Supplier Stories: What’s not in the box with Re-Plated!

Author Sharron Dalziel

When it comes to sustainable problem solving, these guys take the cake....and the noodles and the sushi and the burger and... The list goes on.

These single use lunch box styled takeaway containers are revolutionising how we eat in from takeout.

In the long gone 80’s X remembers picking up rubbish with his dad on the beach and 3 decades later he was doing it with his own kids. Reusable coffee cups have solved one problem so why not develop a takeaway food solution as well.

7 plastic bottles are repurposed to create each of these 1 lBPA free, containers and this is how it works. 

You purchase one of these gorgeous green boxes and you are given all the info as to which takeaway venues in your area are registered and in the Re-Plate network.



You hand over your box and they will fill it for you with a Re-Plate box of their own so no single use plastic containers into landfill. Sort of a swap and go. 

The cafes and restaurants that are part of this take out revolution also have the option to sell the boxes. Workplaces are also being encouraged to get on board by keeping the boxes on hand for their staff to grab on their way out to get lunch. It’s very much a community based initiative, connecting like minded businesses with like minded (and hungry) customers.

Re-Plated is a Sydney based B Corp certified company which means they are the top of the top in sustainable practices and all products are made in down town Bronte. 

At the moment the Avocado Smash Green is the go to colour with more options coming soon. They are suitable for hot or cold meals, light weight and watertight with a 1 litre capacity based on the average size of a takeaway meal. Microwaveable, dishwasher safe, stackable and unbreakable and at the end of their life you can return them where they will be repurposed. 



What goes around comes around, the key to a sustainable circular economy and we are certain Re-Plated will have lots of us taking one in when we take out.

This is such an amazing addition to our range at Banish and we can’t wait for more great ideas from this innovative company.

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