Supplier Stories: Maximise Your Dining Experience While Minimising Waste with Put a lid on it

Supplier Stories: Maximise Your Dining Experience While Minimising Waste with Put a lid on it

By Grace Park

For founders Cara and Daniel Frank, food is an opportunity to bring people together and an experience to share with loved ones. Put a lid on it started from this love of food and a simple question: how can we easily share food and make it look good too?

Cara and Daniel wanted to make connecting with family and friends easy, practical, and fun - all while creating less waste.

Put a lid on it create practical and fun serving ware designed to help you prepare, store and share food without having to transport heavy bowls or transfer food from one container to another.

What we love about them is that they’re made from 100% recycled single use cutlery! Put a lid on it rescue your plastic straws, and takeaway cutlery sets and give them a second life to create their signature serving bowls and salad servers. Their recycled plastics come mostly from Queensland, and they create a gorgeous, marbled pattern that’s unique to each individual piece, making their products perfect for display on anyone’s party table!

Put a lid on it have even been named a Good Design Award Winner for the innovative design of their serving bowls which come with a fitted lid that doubles as a platter.

Cara and Daniel are part of a growing advocacy for a circular economy, where materials that already exist are recycled and given a second life - closing the loop and removing the need to extract new materials to create new products. They’re recycling program is another step they’ve taken towards a circular economy where customers can send back their products (at the end of their life) and they will be recycled once again to create something else.

Check out their incredible range of products here, including ‘the round’, the bowl that started it all (and Cara and Daniel’s personal favourite!)

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