Supplier Stories: Revolutionizing Sustainable Beauty with Flavedo & Albedo

Supplier Stories: Revolutionizing Sustainable Beauty with Flavedo & Albedo

By Lore Fernandez

In the heart of Sydney, Australia, three passionate individuals—Emily Perrett, Aleks Allen, and Toby Norris—launched Flavedo & Albedo in December 2020. Their mission is to blend their love for makeup with a deep concern for the environment.

The trio was haunted by the beauty industry's staggering impact on the environment. Each year, over 120 billion pieces of plastic packaging are produced, with up to 90% of these not being recyclable. This reality motivated them to challenge the status quo. They envisioned a brand that offers high-performance makeup without contributing to landfills. Thus, Flavedo & Albedo was born, aiming to create a sustainable colour cosmetics brand that doesn’t compromise on aesthetic or product performance.

"Makeup is fun, and we didn’t want to strip the joy out of it," they assert.

Flavedo & Albedo understands that recycling alone can't solve the plastic problem. Their goal is to stop new plastic from entering the market by developing one great plastic-free product at a time. They believe it's the responsibility of organizations to design desirable products that have a lesser environmental impact.

The founders are optimistic about the future of sustainable products. "It’s great to see more sustainable products and alternatives going mainstream. We’d love to see the beauty industry eliminate plastic packaging altogether," they say.

Flavedo & Albedo’s unique selling point is their commitment to completely plastic-free packaging. "No tubs, no lids, no seals, no nothing," they proudly state. This dedication to sustainability does not come at the expense of product performance, making their makeup a win-win for customers and the planet.

Since its inception, Flavedo & Albedo has celebrated several significant milestones. Winning a David Jones Beauty Award in their first year was a major achievement. Additionally, being stocked in renowned stores like Sephora and Selfridges in London marked big moments for the brand. The positive response from makeup artists and seeing celebrities like Sally Fields and Ali Wong wearing their products on the red carpet has been incredibly rewarding for the team.

When asked about their favourite product, the answer is unanimous: "Dew Tint in Grapefruit. Every day."

Looking ahead, Flavedo & Albedo has ambitious environmental goals. They are taking a measured approach, tackling one product at a time. High on their list is developing a plastic-free cult mascara.

Flavedo & Albedo is a testament to how passion, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability can come together to create something truly remarkable. Their journey is inspiring, and their impact on the beauty industry is just beginning. Discover Flavedo & Albedo's plastic-free makeup range here – where beauty meets sustainability! 

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