Ziggy Alberts: Using your platform to campaign for good

Ziggy Alberts: Using your platform to campaign for good

Photographer - Janneke Storm

Ziggy Alberts is a singer-songwriter who is making a difference both on and off the record. He is a huge campaigner for the environment, touring sustainably, implementing plastic-free gigs and encouraging his community to get involved in helping our planet.

In this episode, we chat with him about all thing’s sustainability, what it means to him, as well as how he is using his platform to campaign for good. Ziggy believes sustainability is constantly evolving and has the ability to be the never-ending system we know it can be provided people and businesses, especially, take personal responsibility for their actions. He’s also putting these words into action as he leads the way in sustainable music events and uses his music to start a dialogue about climate and the environment.

Ziggy also talks in depth about his sustainability journey from being a more go with the flow blasé teenager, to living a minimalist van lifestyle, to where he is now a true advocate for zero waste in the music industry. He is doing this through his new and innovative ‘Green Touring’ project

Green Touring is a new concept that Ziggy Alberts and his team are pioneering in partnership with BioPak. Green Touring involves making all the gigs on tour as close to 100% plastic free as possible. The pilot trial went ahead at the River Stage in Brisbane were all food and drink packaging sold at the concert was fully compostable. Then at the conclusion of the show all the BioPak packaging was actually composted right there on site. Ziggy insists that this is just the beginning as he is constantly searching for ways to make touring and music as green as is can be.

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