Zero Co: cleaning up Australian households and oceans

Zero Co: cleaning up Australian households and oceans

Mike Smith Zero Co Founder

Mike Smith is a man on a mission and the founder of Zero Co. He wants to untrash the planet by cleaning up oceans and cleaning Australian households at the same time. Zero Co broke records in 2021 gaining the title of Australia's fastest crowdfunding campaign, in this episode we hear what they have planned for 2022.

Mike tells an inspirational story of passion, determination leading Australian beach cleans to collect ocean plastics which are turned into Zero Co's forever bottles. The business works by providing customers with these forever bottles and then refill pouches reducing the need for single use plastic cleaning products.

Zero Co Plastic  

In October 2021, Zero Co broke records get of the fastest crowd sourced funding raise in Australian history, raising a whopping 5 million in six hours and 27 minutes. For Mike this amazing achievement "put proof in the pudding that people care about this mission and wanna be a part of it."

"We inspire over 3000 Aussies to open up their wallets and buy shares in our company and become my business partner essentially. So on the one hand it was a really was a pat on the back and a big boost of confidence. But on the other side of the equation, there's a whole bunch of added pressure that comes to that and responsibility."

"Cause I've now gone and, and asked a bunch of everyday Aussies that I don't really know personally, to believe in me, to believe in this company and to believe in this mission."

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