Citizen Wolf: Designed to fit, built to last how Citizen Wolf is remaking the fashion industr‪y‬

Fashion is the second most destructive industry in the world. But rather than feel disheartened, Zoltan Csaki saw this as an opportunity. He is the co-founder of citizen Wolf, a t-shirt brand, which is using the power of technology to quite literally reshape the fashion industry from this Sydney factory. In this conversation, we talk about Citizen Wolf's journey to being one of Australia's most ethical brands and what we as individuals can do to shop better.

For Zoltan, sustainability is all about living in balance with the natural systems that sustain life, to have "more balanced interactions with nature". ICYMI, one in three pieces of clothing made every year go straight to landfill unsolved. Citizen Wolf exists to pull the future forward in terms of demand manufacturing and which Zoltan explains is truly the only sustainable way of making clothes.  

The incumbent legacy business model is all about making the manufacturing the most we possibly can for the cheapest amount possible, regardless if we sell it or not, it just doesn't seem to matter. But it does. We're consuming 1.6 planets worth of resources every year, and it's just not okay. Citizen Wolf set out to prove and validate that there's a better way of making clothes.


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