Vow: Meet the "meat" that grows in labs not farms

Vow: Meet the "meat" that grows in labs not farms

Vow, is reinventing food quite literally from the ground up. They're using cutting edge technology where they create in their words, the world's most tantalizing and unique culinary experience by making meat from the cells of animals, meaning that no animals are harmed all farmed in the process. In this episode, Co-founder and CCO, Tim Noakes Smith joins Sustainability Further Podcast to discuss how they're future-proofing the food industry.

For Tim, sustainability is all about future-proofing. He explains how our current food systems, particularly our animal foods system, is simply unsustainable. So he set out to create a major shift in our food system so that people are not forced to compromise on something that's delicious in order to be sustainable. 

Want to find out more? Listen to the full episode below. 


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