Urban Green: Transforming CBD basements into thriving urban farms

Urban Green

In this episode of Sustainability Further Lottie interviews Noah Verin, the Director of Urban Green Sydney which in partnership with Charter Hall opened the Sydney CBD’s largest vertical urban farm. Noah talks about his journey towards urban farming, the microgreen industry and how sustainability is guiding the company's future.

The farm which occupies the 1,000 square meter basement at 1 Shelley Street Barangaroo is now producing over 4,000 punnets of microgreens each week.

microgreens from urban green sydney

In Noah's words "the benefit of growing vertically means that we can maximize space for our particular stuff. We're growing on shelving units with five different levels.

And so if you imagine, if you spread out all of the shelving units and took the shelves off, you'd be using up five times the amount of space, like five times the amount of, you know, ground area."  


The team also use a hydroponic system which allows the operation to conserve water.

Verin also explains his constant challenge to make Urban Green as sustainable as possible, from packaging to energy usage there's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. 

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