Underwater Earth: An interactive approach to education

Underwater Earth: An interactive approach to education

Underwater Earth’s mission is to reveal the ocean to the world. The ocean represents over two-thirds of the world's surface area but for people who aren’t familiar with the sea it can be hard to care about something you cannot see or understand. Underwater Earth started by taking Google Street View underwater and now 10 years later they are championing ground-breaking coral bleaching and have captured over 1 million panoramic underwater images. In this episode, hosted by Lottie Dalziel, we talk to Lorna Perry co founder and managing director of underwater earth.

Lorna sees sustainability as a simple mathematical equation where the earth represents a finite amount of resources that if we take, we must give back in equal, if not more amounts.

Underwater Earth is all about raising ocean awareness. Building on Lorna's  background in advertising, she aspires to educate, conserve and sustainably use and enjoy our oceans. So 10 years ago, when she realised that for most people the ocean is out of sight and mind, she knew this communication issue needed to be fixed.

And that's what they've been doing ever since. Taking people on ocean journeys, helping people to understand the magic of the ocean, it's beauty, it's diversity, it's vulnerability, and mostly educating.

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