Two Good Co: What helping the planet and people looks like in 2020

Two Good Co’s mission is simple: to support the vulnerable across Australia. 

After starting the social enterprise four years ago, Rob Caslick and his team have provided meals to those in need via a eat one treat one model where you buy a wholesome, delicious lunch that gets delivered to your door and an identical meal is delivered to one of one of two soup kitchens and eight domestic-violence shelters around Sydney. Two Good Co also trains and employs vulnerable women through their work programs and as you will learn in this episode, they have big plans for the future.

For Rob, sustainability is largely about finding ways to create the greatest possible social impact with the least negative impact on our environment. To date, Two Good Co has donated over 190,000 meals and have expanded their services and offering to apparel, books and more, always considering the environmental impact of every decision they make.

In this episode, learn more about how Two Good Co's social and environmental activities go hand in hand, their impact and plans for the future. 

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