Natalie Isaacs: How to champion sustainability

Natalie Isaacs: How to champion sustainability

Natalie Isaacs’ electricity bill inspired a global movement. Isaacs is the founder of 1 Million Women and author of “Every woman’s guide to saving the planet” who is
responsible for inspiring 950,000 people to do better for our planet. In this episode we chat to Natalie about the power of individuals and how to stand up for your beliefs.

For Natalie, sustainability is about living with the love of this earth in mind. 1 million women doesn't just fight for our planet, but also gender equality and gender justice.

Almost hitting their 1 million target, with 970,000 people involved, Isaacs believes that focusing on behaviour change is the way to empower women and take climate action.

Want to find out more? Listen to the full episode below. 

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