Monty: Using data to help you compost better

Monty: Using data to help you compost better

For Monty, sustainability is really just a way of existing. Whether it's on an individual level, a societal level, a global level, it's about existing in a way that's effectively infinite.

Monty got into composting around three years ago, and she got deep into it. She explains how composting is really just the missing link for achieving sustainability of circular economies. In her own words, composting is a way of recycling organic waste in a way that's flexible, adaptable, affordable, and a way that's accessible to everyone everywhere, not just us in developed countries, but literally around the world.

Her mission at Monty Compost Co is to get the entire world composting. Compost can reduce our waste, feed our food and save our soil but not enough people do it. Monty Compost Co was founded in 2019 to help make composting easy and efficient for everyone using the power of technology. 

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