Layne Beachley: How to champion sustainability

Layne Beachley: How to champion sustainability

For seven time world-champion Layne Beachley nature is her backyard which is why she has spent many years fighting to protect it. Layne has not only been a Planet Ark ambassador for over 17 years but is actively involved in educating Australians on how to live more sustainably and recycle better. Beachley also founded the Aim For The Stars Foundation in 2003 where she helps women achieve their goals in sport, business, arts and academia. 

Layne guides us through her take on sustainability and the importance of personal actions. She gets us to realise how even though we are part of the problem, we  also are part of the solution.

As someone who has witnessed the impact that humans have on the planet firsthand, Layne gives us more insight into her lifelong love affair with the ocean. She explains how her career as a professional surfer has given her the opportunity to travel internationally and see the the destruction of the environment just through ignorance and lack of respect which inspired her to take a more proactive role in raising awareness and educating people on the choices that they make.


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