Alanna Sapwell: Sustainability from farm to plate

Alanna Sapwell: Sustainability from farm to plate

Former Head Chef of ARC dining and 2020 Good Food Guide, Chef of the Year nominee Alanna Sapwell, focusses on re-connecting and inspiring the community within the hospitality industry through her platform Drinks with Chefs. Not only that but Alanna is an advocate for native produce, local artisans and reducing food waste.

Alanna was nominated for Chef of the Year and New Restaurant of the Year at the 2020 Good Food Guide awards and is known for her support of ethical farming and native products. Her commitment to sustainable suppliers like Good Fish Project, and generally keeping the restaurant's supply chain as ethical and local as can be, Alana puts a lot of time and effort into finding the right people to support.

In 2015, Alana founded drinks with chefs, which is an initiative where hospitality professionals mentor one another about how to reduce waste in their kitchens which is not only good for the environment but also light on the pocket. In this Podcast Alana explains what made her want to highlight waste within the hospitality industry and what where her results.

From compost systems to a no-takeaway-containers policy, Alanna's way of doing business shows us how small, simple changes make a big difference. 

Want to find out more? Listen to the full episode below. 

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