Dismantle: Empowering WA’s Youth with new opportunities

Dismantle: Empowering WA’s Youth with new opportunities

Pat Ryan is the CEO of Dismantle, a charity which helps at-risk youth, through mentorship and employment to enable them to become valued and valuable members of society. They run social enterprises BikeDR and Renew Property Maintenance to empower young people with employment and opportunities.

For Pat, sustainability has a lot to do with perpetuity. Pat explains how we see a lot of things come and go, initiatives, ideas, energies... sustainability is the ability for those initiatives and, and great changes to actually exist and stick around in perpetuity rather than them being a once-off matter.

One of the biggest barriers to getting a job is never having a job before. Dismantles programs, such as bike rescue, and jobreadii solve that problem by just getting a business up and running that can offer a young person, their first job. And that is an absolute game changer.

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