CBRE: Sustainability is driving corporate change from the inside out

CBRE: Sustainability is driving corporate change from the inside out


CBRE is the world’s largest manager of commercial buildings, meaning that the programs that they conduct have both a huge responsibility and have the potential to have a big impact not only on where businesses operate but the way that corporations do business. In this episode we speak with Emma McMahon, the national director of sustainability at CBRA to discover how trends are driving the sustainability agenda for companies.

Emma explains how the meaning of sustainability in the context of property has largely evolved over the years. Australia is seen as a global leader in commercial real estate for the initiatives being implemented to not only reduce the negative impact on the environment, but to create a positive one and ensure longevity.

Buildings contribute 40% of Australia's emissions, so environmental performance is always important in the context of real estate. Hence, emission reductions due to energy, water and waste savings will always be a top priority due to the direct impact of commercial real estate on the environment. But Emma believes it's also about the impact of real estate on the broader community, taking into consideration the health and wellbeing of people in the buildings that they occupied.

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