What is Upcycling and How To Do It

What is Upcycling and How To Do It

No, this isn't just another fancy term that millennials have created to get in the dictionary in 2018. Upcycling has been around for yonks and simply means to convert old/unwanted items into something useful. 


Moccoona are one of Australia's leading upcyclers encouraging customers to reuse their coffee jars for fun new projects. For example: 

  • Flower vases
  • Succulent containers
  • Bath salt or bath bomb containers
  • Kitchen utensil display
  • Love note collection
  • Dog biscuit display
  • Bed side table lamp
  • Pretty paint brush or office desk stationary holders


And so much more! So think twice before you toss out and give your unwanted items a new lease on life!

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