This unique Byron business will have you in stitches

This unique Byron business will have you in stitches

Penny Joy Sew Unique

By Lottie Dalziel

After being given the perfect pair of underwear from Brazil, Penny didn't want to wear anything else! After searching for many moons with no luck, Penny Joy decided to recreate them for herself. When a few of her girlfriends caught wind they quickly became regular customers then through word of mouth and her recently launched business, Sewunique, Penny sure is keeping out of trouble. 



With no background in fashion or design, Penny has taught herself everything from sewing the designs to sourcing fabrics (one of her biggest challenges) to the boring accounts! 

Penny was frustrated with cheap, synthetic underwear that didn't fit quite right! Sewunique use a combination of bamboo and cotton fabric as they're natural, breathable and promotes good health 'down there.' Bamboo is antibacterial, soft and is making a name for itself as one of the most sustainable fabrics. 



Nothing goes to waste in Penny's studio, using the small(er) offcuts from her pieces to create matching scrunchies and new designs! Every piece is unique, hence the name: Sewunique

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