Is Lack Of Sleep Affecting The Way You Eat?

Is Lack Of Sleep Affecting The Way You Eat?

Sleep and foods

A link has been found between a lack of sleep and poor diet by Dr Michelle Blumfield at Monash University. The study found that those of us who don’t get a good nights sleep (i.e less than six hours) are more likely to reach for fattier foods the next day.

When our energy levels slump due to a lack of sleep our brain craves food as an alternate energy source. Those with sleeping difficulties were more likely to be heavier in weight, have poor mental and physical health in comparison to those who managed to get 8 hours of sleep per night. The study concluded that a “lack of sleep can lead to poorer dietary choices in women of childbearing age, and this can impact on the health of their children.”

Both before and during pregnancy a nutritious diet is essential for both mum and bub. A poor diet and excess body weight can not only lead to difficulties not only getting pregnant but can also affect childhood growth and increase the risk of obesity and other diseases for the child. As our sleeping patterns aren’t set in stone getting some extra z’s is recommended as an easy way to aid weight loss and improve our eating patterns. The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get eight hours of sleep per night.

Need I say more? It’s time to get snoozing.

This article originally appeared on The Basic Balance and has been republished with permission.

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