How going green will make you lean

How going green will make you lean

The extra incentive you need to start saving the planet, it could save your life too!

How going green will make you lean

After going on my own waste less journey it made me realise that not only was I helping the planet but I was helping myself.

Processed foods are out

Most of the naughty foods we consume are packaged. Think lollies, chips, ice cream and chocolate so by avoiding plastic your avoiding these too! Some great zero waste snacks are fruit, Medjool dates or make your own healthy cookies or this yummy nut slice.

Natural beauty

Switching from mainstream beauty products to natural will help the environment but also decrease your use of unnecessary chemicals. Look for products that have as few ingredients as possible and that they are paraben and palm oil free. Also, weigh up your packaging options go back to basics with soap bars and get products that do more for you I.e a blush and lip stain in one. You can recycle your old plastic cosmetic containers through TerraCycle (read more here). Before you go throwing out your cosmetics cabinet make sure you use up all of your products before buying new ones. 

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 Back to Basics

A greener lifestyle means going back to basics. It's time to start making your own so you can control the ingredients and also reduce your waste. Before heading to the shops look in your fridge and pantry to see what you've got before buying fresh ingredients and forgetting about your carrots. My favourite dishes to make with odd foods are hearty soups, omelettes and roasted vegetable salads.

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Ramp up your fitness routine and use your surroundings. Plogging is a Swedish term for running and picking up rubbish. Take it down a notch and enjoy a walk with your friends and Take 3 for the Sea.

Meat-free Monday

Going meat-free even it if is just for one day will not only help decrease your ecological footprint but it will help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Here is a simple but delicious meat-free recipe.

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