We're Excited To Announce That 1% of Profits Will Be Donated to Take 3 For The Sea

Take 3

When I first launched Banish I knew that I wanted to make a difference by educating Australian's on the impact that they are having on the environment and how to do more. 

We're excited to announce that we will donate 1% of our profit to Take 3 For The Sea. Take 3 encourages Australians to do their bit and Take 3 but they also deliver education programs to inspire our global community to help create a cleaner planet for wildlife and future generations.

"We believe lots of small individual actions can have a big impact on the planet. The more people who join our tribe and take action, the more we can do for the world’s oceans!"

Lottie x

You can find out more about what Take 3 do here.

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