How to have a more mindful Valentine’s day

How to have a more mindful Valentine’s day

valentine's day

By Lottie Dalziel

Valentine’s Day is quickly creeping up (like it does every year without fail) but if you want to make your lover’s heart a leafy green this year look no further. It’s always a good idea to prepare before you shoot Cupid’s bow as there’s nothing worse than missing the mark. So if you are wondering how to prepare for V-day without the added waste, we’ve got all of your answers.  

1. A gift that lasts 



Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about practicality and the same goes for gifts. When I am giving someone a present not only do I think about if they’ll use it or not but what the product is made from and where it will ultimately end up. Shop all Banish gifts.

2. La traditionale

If you are the traditional flower and chocolate giver on Valentines. Try and pick a palm-oil free, fair-trade chocolate and why not grab a plant instead of a bunch of flowers. These two simple swaps will be cheaper and the plant will last for years (care depending!). 

3. Experience it all 


 Create unforgettable memories with an unforgettable experience. It doesn’t need to cost the world and could be as simple as organising a picnic in the park or some time without the kids.

4. Escape the grind 


Head off and plan a romantic weekend away for your S.O, head off with your empty esky, a good book and not much else! If you’re in New South Wales or Victoria stock up on supplies, stay and support recovering rural Aussie towns - here is the latest information on where to travel to

5. Make your own 

Is your love language “acts of service”? It’s time to ramp up your DIY game and get organised. Some simple ideas include making your own beeswax wraps, knitting a pair of socks (warning this takes much longer than you think, so start now) to filling a jar with memories and activities. 

Don’t forget to wrap your gift sans waste with these alternative gift-wrapping ideas.

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