5 eco-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper

Eco-friendly wrapping alternatives
For the perfectionists out there, you understand that the real Christmas fun begins when you start wrapping the presents! There's arguably no better feeling than a neatly wrapped present with a big bow. Here's our guide to eco-friendly wrapping solutions. 
First up, in Australia, most wrapping paper is recyclable even with sticky tape still intact. Steer clear of plastic cellophane, metallic and glittery paper as they don't make the cut and make sure you have removed any big bows or ribbons. For a truly eco experience here are a couple of ideas.
1. Reuse 
Did you have a Mum that always stored and reused gift bags like mine? She was a smart woman! Don't be afraid to gift using old bags and ribbons (just remember to take off the original tag!). 
2. One size fits all
One thing Australians are very good at is overspending. I can't name one Christmas where we bought the perfect amount of paper with none left over. The unused rolls go somewhere in storage and are never found again until the next year! If you are going to spend $$ on wrapping paper go for an option that you can use for every occasion like brown kraft paper. 
3. Get creative
Get the kids involved and make your own wrapping paper! Get them to paint and draw on large pieces of paper. You can also create your own homemade Christmas stamps from vegetables for an extra personal touch. To make these cut a potato in half and cut out the shape of a star, tree or candy cane, dip in paint and press all over the paper.
4. Upcycle
When you're next throwing out the Sunday paper think again. Save it and use it for this years Christmas paper. It is cheap and creates a lovely rustic look. Add some of your saved ribbons or some leaves from the garden for a splash of colour. 
5. Go without
Obviously, you still want there to be a bit of a surprise but skip wrapping paper altogether and wrap your presents in gifts that will last them forever! If it is something small wrap them in a handkerchief and for bigger items use a tea towel. 

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