Corona X Parley For The Oceans partner to protect paradise

Corona X Parley For The Oceans partner to protect paradise

Beach clean up

Corona partnered with one of the biggest players in the ecosphere Parley For The Oceans in 2017, with a commitment to protect 100 islands by 2020. To date, more than three million pounds of plastic waste has been collected through Corona and Parley’s partnership across the globe.


The clean-up has seen over 300 clean-ups take place in more than 15 countries, including the Maldives, Palau, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Indonesia, Italy, South Africa and Australia, with over seven thousand volunteers participating in the project. 

Carona x Parley

According to research commissioned by Corona, three-quarters of Australians (74%) underestimate or have no idea about how much plastic is entering Australia’s ocean.

“For many Australians, marine plastic pollution can be out of sight, out of mind due to the pristine perception of our beaches."

However, findings show that when confronted with the amount of plastic entering our waterways, the majority of Australians (89%) said they will make an effort to reduce their usage of single-use plastic.

You can watch the full documentary filmed by National Geographic here. 

Ocean clean-up

“[Corona] research shows that many Aussies feel helpless as individuals when it comes to making an impact on this incredibly large global plastic pollution issue. However, when given the opportunity to come together as a community, they feel a sense of power to take action and make a real difference. We’re hoping through our partnership with Parley and Volunteers for the Ocean, we can make Aussies aware of the very real threat that is risking the health of our own shorelines and marine life, and provide them with a platform to be a catalyst of change to Australia’s marine plastic pollution,” says Andy Vance, Corona Spokesperson.

Find your local beach clean here and more information on how to get involved here.

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