The BRAD Program Recycled Over 3 Tonnes of Waste in 12 Months

The BRAD Program Recycled Over 3 Tonnes of Waste in 12 Months


BRAD turns one this October and in perfect timing, we have achieved the massive milestone of collecting 3-tonnes of plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill and our oceans. That means together the Banish community has saved over 32,000 pieces of plastic from entering the natural environment, plastic that would have cause irreparable damage to our precious ecosystem. What an achievement, a feat that would have never been possible without you!   

The success of the BRAD recycling program has been absolutely mind boggling. From what started as receiving 7 parcels in the first month of BRAD has turned onto a full-scale production where we received 470 parcels this August alone. We have received over 4,000 packages since the journey began and what an achievement that is. 


 We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who without them BRAD wouldn't be possible. The journey from one tonne to three has been rapid and our volunteers know that better than anyone. Collectively they have sorted and counted the entire 3 tonnes of plastic you have sent in to BRAD so thank you all.    


With 4,200 participants joining us along this journey, there have been a vast array of plastic items received that can't be recycled through your regular curbside collection. The most popular of which being blister packs, toothpaste tubes, and plastic bottle pumps followed closely by cosmetic tubes. And in exciting news, we are now accepting your stationary items so start collecting and start sending!    


We also want to say thank you the wonderful people that have made BRAD the phenomena it has become. Together we have saved an astonishing amount of plastic from damaging the natural environment. Plastic that has now been repurposed into thousands of new products that will be used for many many years to come, so for that thank you!    

How you can get involved with BRAD 

  1. Get collecting! Wait until you've got enough products to fill an old shoe box or compostable satchel. Once you do, it's time to get recycling.
  2. Throw your products into an old box or satchel with a piece of paper with your full name and email address on it.
  3. Send it to:


Gadigal Land

Shop 18/19, Henry Deane Plaza

2 Lee Street

Haymarket 2000 NSW

  1. When we receive your package we will send you a confirmation email and a $15 voucher to spend online.    
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