BRAD's Journey to 1 Tonne

BRAD's Journey to 1 Tonne


As of May 13 2021, we have recycled over 1 tonne of waste!!

I cannot quite believe that I am writing this but today we hit a very exciting BRAD milestone.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved.Thank you to all of our sorting volunteers Marcella, Varvara, Danielle, Lauren, Tina, Cindy, Bec and Tammy. And a huge thank you to the hundreds of people who have sent us their parcels. 


I launched this program in November 2020 to give people an option for recycling those hard to recycle items. Honestly, I didn't have any expectations, plans or goals for BRAD. I didn't know how many people would want to participate or just how much it would help people understand our recycling system better.

In the first month, we received 7 parcels. In April, we received 449. I can't quite believe it, I love reading the love letters you include in your parcels, I love seeing your social media posts about it and I love hearing your stories.

Thank you so much for helping me make a difference. It means the world to have your help saving the world. 


The Journey

January 17, 2021

I'd just come back from a month in Queensland to collect the parcels from the post office. I was so chuffed with the fact that I needed a trolley to collect them... 


January 24, 2021

I bribed some friends with free beer and pizza to come and help me sort the rubbish on a Friday night because I had just had an "unexpected flurry" of parcels.


February 4, 2021

The program was featured nationally on ABC News, Yahoo, Studio 10 and so many other Australian publications.

February 27, 2021

My desk now looks like this. We spent every second Sunday sorting your rubbish in my backyard. 


March 31, 2021

My Tetris skills have been taken to a new level, the team at the post office now know by name and make a game out of how many parcels they can fit in my car each time I come.


April 15, 2021

On average we fill two of these trollies per pick-up. It's a challenge for our volunteers to sort parcels faster than the number that we're receiving!



On May 13, 2021 we reached 1 tonne of waste!!


Thank you everyone for sending us your trash 💚♻️ ##brad ##recycling ##banish ##recycle ##sustainability

♬ original sound - Lottie Dalziel

Join the BRAD revolution! and help us on the Journey to 2 tonnes!

If you have any other questions about BRAD or recycling in general please send us an email at 


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