How To Add Swag to Your Veggies

How To Add Swag to Your Veggies

By Lottie Dalziel

The Swag Bags

How many of you plan to eat healthy and then head into a downwards spiral as the week progresses due to lack of preparation AND your fresh produce becoming not-so-fresh? Well…. We have the solution for you. The Swag bags are our latest and favourite purchase. 

They are reusable bags made from a nontoxic material that enhance hydration, promote breathing and promotes ethylene build up. 

Wherever I can, I try to reduce my exposure to plastic bags and packaging so I am so excited that I have come across these. We decided to grab the pack of four and use the biggest one as a grocery bag for the markets.

The Swag Bags are available now on Banish.

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