What You Can and Can't Compost


Creating good compost isn't as easy as throwing a couple of banana peels in the garden. But it's worth the extra effort as a good compost with the perfect balance and wet and dry products will create a nourishing blend that you can't even smell. So how do you do it?

What To Compost

Throw all of this in and you are good to go!

  • All of your vegetable and fruit scraps (#)
  • Egg shells (#)
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds (%)
  • Green grass clippings, weeds - without seeds (#)
  • Dired lawn clippings, dried leaves and old flowers (%)
  • Vaccum dust and dog hair (%)
  • Newspaper, cardboard and shredded paper (%)

The perfect compo combo is 1/3 green stuff (#) that makes nitrogen to 2/3 brown stuff (%) that makes carbon, think of it like you're cooking a cake you want a good batter than ain't too soggy.

What NOT To Compost

Steer clear of adding these to your bin:

  • Meat, bones, dairy and fat
  • Animal manures including pet poo – let's keep it vegan
  • Magazines and glossy paper
  • Large branches and weeds with seeds are a no go!
  • Plastic and glass
  • Citrus peel
  • Tea bags

You can read more about the benefits of composting here.

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