Meet your newest zero waste hair accessory

Meet your newest zero waste hair accessory

zero waste hair ties

By Danielle Kirk

If you’re serious about cutting waste from your life you’ll eventually work your way through all the bits and pieces in your house and find that some have simple sustainable swaps, and some are hard to find. To make your eco life a touch easier, here’s your answer to zero waste hair ties!

Bar None have created a range of biodegradable hair accessories, including hair ties and scrunchies. Some of you may be saying, “wait, hairbands aren’t biodegradable?!” and we’re sorry to say but no! Most hair ties contain elastic cores made from plastic and are covered in synthetic materials. Bar None’s hair ties and scrunchies, however, use natural rubber made from the sap of the rubber tree and non-synthetic cotton coverings. Their zero waste and vegan accessories won’t hurt the planet and are fully compostable.  


The best part is they’re affordably priced! Bar None want everyone to have access to greener choices: “We want to be pioneers in the war on waste and we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to be a part of the movement.” 

You can shop their range online, or head into Woolworths and buy straight off the shelf. 



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Danielle Kirk is a travel addict, fashionista and zero waste enthusiast. When she isn't getting lost hiking in NSW's Royal National Park or researching zero waste hacks you'll find her cuddled up with a book and her cat, DarlaBut it doesn't stop there she's also the founder of April to August.

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