How to make your own natural cleansing water

How to make your own natural cleansing water

 micellar water

By Chelsea Cunningham

While many people feel overwhelmed with the idea of making homemade cleaners, I’ve found both reusable cleaning recipes require less time, effort and money. Compare this to the conventional store-bought makeup removing wipes which pose the problem of chemical preservatives and other hormone-disrupting and unnatural ingredients.

Natural ingredients that we’re currently embracing to help remove stubborn eye makeup is witch hazel, jojoba, coconut, and olive oil. You want to avoid the smudged panda eye look at all costs. 

Witch hazel is a Banish favourite as a multi-purpose remedy because it helps with a variety of skin conditions. It helps with spot-treating acne, soothing dry skin or itching, and removing makeup. Can we please be as productive and versatile in life as witch hazel?  

To use witch hazel as a DIY makeup remover: simply dilute 50/50 with water. Then soak the corner of a washcloth or cotton makeup pad and use in circular motions on your face to remove the day.

It’s important to note that when you use water in a product without a preservative, you always run the risk of introducing bacteria, so make small batched at a time.

Here is another one of our favourite DIY recipes, for making your own reusable cleansing wipes which involves a few extra ingredients but has a longer shelf life.


If you’re not up for making your own reusable makeup remover pads, try out Knitty Bits crocheted wipes on Banish or Herbal Hiraeth’s Organic Muslin Face Cloths

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