How to Have a More Sustainable Summer

How to Have a More Sustainable Summer

By Hamish Day 

Summer is well and truly on the way and it’s important to keep our waste less goals in mind as we enter the silly season! There are things big and small we can do to cut down on our waste and become more eco-friendly in summer. From installing solar panels to just carrying around a reusable water bottle. Now, I’m not suggesting everyone has the ability to just install fresh solar panels when they please, but when it comes to protecting the environment the little things really do count. So, here are some tips you can use to make your summer that little bit more eco-friendly. 

Look for a reef safe sunscreen

Changing your sunscreen brand is one the easiest ways you can make your summer more sustainable. It's a quick and easy swap and there are so many great options out there. Sunbutter is an amazing Australian brand founded by two marine biologists. Their sunscreens are reef safe and environmentally friendly while also being 100% vegan. With our oceans and reefs coming increasingly under threat from climate change and pollution it’s important we all do our part to help protect them.  



Think twice about your mode of transport

Taking the car can be the easier option for getting from A to B but using public transport to get to your favourite summer spots is a great way to reduce you carbon footprint. The public transport systems in our major cities are now better than ever as local governments look to work towards net zero emissions many improvements have been made. So, if it’s been a while since you've caught the bus, ferry or train give it another try. You may be surprised what you find, and you won’t have to deal with the absolute pain that is parking.

Reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles are a game changer, and when you get into the routine of using one every day you simply can't live without it. They look amazing and it means you don't get all the nasties that come with using single use plastic bottles again and again. Project Pargo has created a super stylish water bottle that is 100% BPA and toxin free. They come on a range of colours and will keep your icy cold drinks that much cooler in the summer sun.

Shop second hand

Given it takes over 3000 litres of water to make just one cotton shirt the benefits of buying second hand speak for themselves. When you are searching for your summer look this season check out some of your local vintage stores and op shops, there are some absolute gems to be found out there. SWOP is one of the most exiting second hand shops in the country at the moment and if they don't have a store on your city their packaging is fully biodegradable! Find a look that make you feel good while also being good for the planet.


Travel responsibly 

Thanks to the number of increasing green hotels and sustainable booking sites, next time you go travelling you can take your environmental consciousness with you. Check out this blog post for fifive websites that provide flights, accommodation and experiences that have the lowest footprint and best impact on our planet.

Pack right

Packing for your next overseas or domestic holiday? Don't throw your zero waste goals out the window. Pack the essentials to help you on your journey around the world and stay eco-friendly. Here's our packing list.



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