Everything you need to know about period underwear

Everything you need to know about period underwear

period underwear question and answer

By Lottie Dalziel

The average Australian woman uses approximately 10,000 single-use menstrual hygiene products in her lifetime. We aren't exactly sure of the environmental cost of this waste as scientists estimate that it takes between 300-400 years for one product to breakdown. Switching to a reusable option like period underwear or a menstrual cup is a simple way to have a plastic-free period. For this article, we have tested out Modibodi period underwear and Lunette menstrual cups. 


How do they work? 

how does period underwear work

Modibodi underwear uses their patented Modifier Technology™ which can hold up to 20ml or 2 tampons worth of liquid. You don't get that icky damp feeling due to their three-layered system and don't feel like you're wearing a nappy as they are super slim.

Can I work out in them?

You sure can! Due to the moisture-wicking technology, they won't leak or feel uncomfortable no matter the workout.

Can I sleep in them?

You 100% can sleep in them! I personally wear a pair to bed overnight and change into a fresh pair in the morning (depending on the stage of my cycle).

Are they vegan?

Yes, Modibodi underwear is naturally vegan. They are made from bamboo, merino and microfibers. 

How do you care for them? 

how to care for period underwear

When you take your undies off give them a quick rinse under cold water until it runs clear. Then throw them in with the rest of your laundry (just avoid fabric softeners!) and hang them out on the line to dry! As they're made from a combo of bamboo, merino and microfibers they will dry in next to no time.

Where can I buy them from? 

You're in the right place, we stock Modibodi's sensual range at Banish, buy them in a 2-pack or in a set with a Lunette menstrual cup.

About the author

Lottie Dalziel is the founder and editor in chief of Banish. She has a passion for the environment and wants to help educate and inspire individuals to make small changes towards a more sustainable future. Stay up to date with her latest challenges on Instagram @banish.au.

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