Ballin’ (Ethically) on a Budget: 4 Slow Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Ballin’ (Ethically) on a Budget: 4 Slow Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank


By Fran Magiera

Sustainable fashion is often thought of as expensive, given that items are generally simpler than the brightly patterned pieces fast fashion is known for. 

That being said, it’s understandable why some think paying $90 for a plain t-shirt may seem like extortion when there’s more ‘exciting’ options for a tenth of the price.

As slow fashion has gained traction in recent times, there are now many more sustainable retailers to choose from, including those that won’t hurt your hip pocket as much. 

Here are five affordable slow fashion brands, so that you can look your best and save the earth, all whilst on a budget.

1. Everlane

On a mission to reveal the true cost of each garment, American retailer Everlane details the cost breakdown of all their products, from materials to labour to transportation. The exact production location of each item is also listed, with the option of viewing the factory for yourself.

You can find a basic white tee for just $31AUD, and they even have a ‘choose what you pay’ option for their sale items. 

With a range of items from knitwear and basics to denim and shoes, this is a great starting point if you’re just getting into sustainable fashion. 

2. Made Trade

You know you’re in the right place when there’s already a ‘$150 or less’ tab on their website. Made Trade have a range of both basics and funkier pieces that won’t cost a fortune. 

Find turtlenecks for $80, along with a whole range of clothing, homewares and even furniture that’s sustainably made.

3. Reformation

Known for their party dresses in fun prints and classic styles, Reformation pride themselves on being the ‘#2 most sustainable clothing option”, second to being naked. True to their word, their products are made from eco-friendly and recycled materials and offcuts. 

Given their immense range of colours, styles and patterns, Reformation are surprisingly affordable with most tops under $100AUD. 

They also have one of the coolest in-store shopping experiences (read: real life Narnia-style magic wardrobe) if you ever find yourself in their downtown LA boutique. 

4. Organic Crew

Another Aussie label, Organic Crew are best known for their quality basics. You’ll find sweaters, t-shirts and tank tops for under $100AUD, all made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

They also do free Australia-wide shipping for orders over $100!

So there you have it. *adds to cart*

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Brunch enthusiast and Instagram addict, Fran Magiera loves nothing more than a good book, a glass of rosé and when her online shopping arrives on time. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at the beach, procrastinating from all responsibilities, attempting to exercise and patting other people’s dogs.

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